A Smart City Artwork for Adelaide

So, we did a thing for the Adelaide City Council.

It's an artwork, and also a demonstration of the possibilities of 'smart' city thinking when it is integrated into everyday life.

You can participate in the work 24/7, either by walking through the breezeway underneath the Colonel Light building (council offices) between Pirie St and Grenfell St, or by taking a stroll down Francis St (the other end of Da Costa Arcade) next to the City Library off Rundle Mall.

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Gläshaus was commissioned to produce two art installations for the City of Adelaide, to coincide with the 2017 Smart Communities Conference, held in Adelaide in May. Details below.

We worked with a number of South Australian companies to finalise the project with a very short timeframe and constrained budget.

Our wonderful partners are:

  • Lumient
  • TOTLD Design
  • Jake Holmes
  • Christian Haines
  • Epic Projects
  • Adelaide City Council

About the works

Your Vote Matters

This installation is a two-in-one piece. An archway is presented to pedestrians. Above the archway is a Question, which will have two possible answers, and you can vote for your answer based on which side of the archway you choose to walk. A camera detects all the movements and displays a cumulative voting tally on a large screen in a nearby window. At the same time, the camera also picks up various information about passing individuals. This might include the colour of your jacket, your height, your walking speed, that sort of thing (not personal data). Our artists have thought up clever ways to visualise all this information as a beautiful animation feature.

City Library

Francis Street is underused, and we wanted to help people discover the City Library more. We installed a series of 'spot' artworks on the footpath. As pedestrians walk over the spots, they trigger an audio-visual response, like a story. Over time, the artwork can change, showing an interesting interaction between artistic urban elements that enhance public space, and respond to real people using it.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want more information or even a personal tour of our project :)