Small Business
Working alongside small businesses, especially family businesses, we bring strategic planning and processes into everyday management, to help with sustainable growth, and to unlock creative collaborations. We work across all sectors, from retail to tourism, food service to manufacturing, arts industry to advocacy, education and employment, design, real-estate, professional services (legal and accounting), wineries and film production, high-tech startups, and furniture-making.

Government Relations
It takes tactical awareness and careful communication to build a project in concert with government. Gläshaus can help form a strategy to help you engage with politics and the departmental arms of government at both local and state levels, in order to achieve your goals.

Strategic Projects
Sometimes you need an holistic approach to tie together your project. From the very start, looking at governance, external opportunities, add-value, and cross-disciplinary creativity can hugely enhance your outcomes and mitigate risks. Gläshaus specialises in bolting on to your project consortium to provide strategic advisory, critical thinking, stakeholder and wider consultation, outcomes design, and communications and public relations. This works especially well for local or state government projects.

Executive Support
Is your board looking for some executive support? We can contract to you by the hour to take confidential minutes and/or participate in your board meetings to provide some fresh perspective in the short or medium term. High quality minutes and record-keeping can help to transform a board’s culture of professionalism and achievement, as well as being a starting point for good governance. We can help you to identify risks and build a solid foundation for strategic planning. We particularly specialise in not-for-profit boards.

Brand Strategy
Decided to ‘rebrand’? No matter if you’re a solo operation or a huge company, make sure you get good advice first. We love helping companies refresh their identify, which starts with strategy and culture, and a deep understanding of the vision and mission of the organisation. Way before jumping into logo-design, you’ll need independent help to step outside the company bubble and ensure that decisions are future-proof. We can facilitate every stage of this with you, down to building a brief and project-managing your third-party creative consultants, and advising on future collateral and marketing strategies, to optimise your budget.


Whether in business or government, it’s important to get independent advice. We can help you ask the right questions. We advise on strategic risk. We help build a solid brief for your web designer or photographer. We help you understand your own business or project better. It all comes back to values, vision, and strategy.

Gläshaus consultants help you identify strategic vision, set ambitious business goals, and achieve outstanding brand experiences with an integrated marketing mindset.

Our approach values Transparency, Growth, and Excellence in competitive conditions. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, our focus is on small to medium businesses who want to make a difference. We also work on local and state government projects.

You might not even know what your complex problem is yet - that’s totally normal! Please CONTACT US to set up a time to chat.


  • Facilitate your strategic visioning and planning

  • Provide full business advisory support, and build a team of experts around you to support your leadership

  • Help you create (or refresh) your brand identity based on values

  • Interrogate the customer’s experience of your brand

  • Support you with creative ideas that take advantage of our cross-sector experience

  • Design content strategy, e.g. segmenting audience archetypes

  • Project manage your marketing execution (dealing with third parties and outsourced consultants)

  • Advise on social media engagement and real-world engagement

  • Upskill your staff to take ownership of social marketing and business development