Our clients come from all over. Because of confidentiality, we can’t share everything we do, but here’s an overview of our work, and some amazing people into whose stories we are privileged to be invited.

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This beloved heritage icon of South Australia needed to transition smoothly from one family business generation to the next. It was a good opportunity to revisit the overall value proposition, so while assisting with succession management, we helped build a strategic brief, managed a brand relaunch (including the relationship management with designers and specialists), and brought in several other advisors as required.

The Popeye has since launched several new products, including weekday lunches, and is on track for big things in 2019.

Carême Pastry

Australia’s best pastry, Carême is a Barossa success story. But how to get to the next level? We helped the team respond to a growth analysis report by differentiating groups of customers and targeting them separately.
The brand also was looking to diversify sales into younger markets, and so we helped find ways to validate social media results against engagement in the real world.

The frozen-food industry faces particular challenges with distribution. We helped assess Carême’s packaging in response to government changes to “Australian-made” labelling rules, and how this affected supply-chain values.


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Arts Access Australia

Arts Access Australia is our national peak advocacy body for artists and arts workers with a disability, and for equal access to all arts for people with a disability. The state-based CEOs all came together in Adelaide for a joint planning and visioning conference, which we were privileged to assist with facilitation and reporting. We built consensus by designing workshops that made people feel comfortable to express themselves, with timely and accurate record-keeping to inspire positivity and commitment to action.

We then were invited to Sydney to facilitate the Board’s strategic vision workshop.

Beilby’s Furniture

Established in 1981, Beilby’s is a well-established family business making high-quality lounges, chairs, and other furniture locally in Adelaide. Because almost all product was sold through third-party retailers, Beilby’s had no brand presence online themselves.

Among other business support, we recommended and project-managed a simple website that would help build some direct sales and brand awareness. This improved leverage with the distributors, reducing business risk and increasing wholesale margins.

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Adelaide West End Association

The Adelaide West End Association represents traders and stakeholders in the north-western quarter of Adelaide’s CBD. We helped build a ten-year vision for the AWEA which symbolised a hopeful future for Hindley St, and a plan to get there. We conducted the research and consultation, and brought an independent creativity to the project in order to inspire traders and stakeholders to get on board. The final report is available here.

We have also been privileged to be involved in the AWEA’s Houndwave, a dog-friendly music festival now in its third year of success. We helped with marketing, PR, and event design.

City of Adelaide

The City of Adelaide approached us with a problem. How can we demonstrate ‘Smart’ concepts to engage people in public art, and attract more people to visit the City Library? And what is ‘Smart’ anyway?

We came up with some ‘passive interactivity’ ideas which we designed, engineered, and implemented in time for the 2017 Smart Communities Conference, hosted in Adelaide, building and working with a team of specialist suppliers.

You can see the projects in Francis St, with floor artwork by Jake Holmes and corresponding soundscapes that are triggered as you walk over the spots, and also in the Colonel Light breezeway (Pilgrim Lane), with a democratisation system to give life to an otherwise routine thoroughfare.

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Gläshaus was engaged to assist PEER VEET (a leading training and employment organisation) with some copywriting for a new website. But we soon realised that without overarching agreement on values and vision, even simple copywriting is a challenge.

So, we helped the organisation build a new strategic plan, working directly with the CEO to build confidence among staff and for the Board, to address internal confusion on values, and external market confusion on the brand and sub-brands.

This meant conducting independent surveys to find out what staff were thinking, running a series of workshops to help the team think strategically, and shape a values framework that made sense across the silos of the organisation.

The company quickly rebranded to ‘PEER’, with a new corporate livery that inspired a unified identity, and made investments that reflected that shared vision and sense of purpose.

Opal Diamond Factory

The company has been in business since 1974, and is one of Australia’s leading opal dealers and manufacturing jewellers. With a dual specialisation in diamonds, this small business needed to communicate the family story to several distinct audience segments.

We provide business advisory, brand guardianship, and marketing project management support to the Opal Diamond Factory, so that the company can keep costs down during the growth phase, and can shape its brand both locally and in international markets.

Gläshaus also helps deliver collaborations with other iconic brands and with Council.


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Sky Way Australia

New transit technology company Sky Way needed to find ways to disrupt’, rather than ‘compete’ for large transit projects. Instead of focussing on meeting existing tenders as they arise, we helped the company envision a grassroots campaign that would build public appetite, a community of advocates, and therefore political pressure to grow demand.

We facilitated strategic planning sessions with the Directors to find a shared vision and values-driven competitive characteristics. We then formed framing and messaging recommendations to help shape public opinion and reduce risk.

Development Site in Adelaide

A boutique apartment development project in Adelaide’s CBD approached us to help reframe the value proposition after some changes to the plans were made.

After deep research, we engaged and led a crack team of hand-picked specialists to create a compelling message, that would generate highly-qualified enquiries for the project management and sales team. We borrowed tactics from other sectors to challenge the way off-the-plan real estate is sold.

We worked with designers and developers to adapt existing collateral wherever possible, ensuring the client’s budget was kept reasonable.